We are a multigenerational family owned and run farm dedicated to raising grass fed livestock.


About Our Farm

Our cattle are daily rotationally grazed, which basically means, they usually only graze the same piece of land a few days a year. This is more healthful for the land, which is more healthful for the animals which in turn is more healthful for people. Our animals are given no steroids, no hormones and no antibiotics. We strive to holistically manage our land and animals so that everything is able to produce and thrive optimally.

As a family, we raise our livestock as a means to provide healthful food, but we also strive to instill in our children and grandchildren a love of the land, work and life skills and a strong work ethic as we work together towards a shared goal. Our goal at Bluegrass Grazing is to provide healthful meat that is tasty and nourishing. We also want to provide you with a meat that contributes to abundant health for you and your family. 

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Great grass fed and antibiotic free cattle & sheep. The most delicious meat I have ever eaten. Prices are on par with most of the grocery stores but the product is way better!
— D.E.
If you are looking to purchase pastured lamb, Bluegrass Grazing is the place to buy it. They are quick to respond to questions...I was a first time buyer. The process was easy and the product tastes great.
— T.S.